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Video Production

Our approach

Unify specialises in creating innovative, fresh video content that will bring your brand to life and drive engagement with the customers that love it. We’re talented storytellers and we make content that will make your brand a commanding force in social. We have a clever and creative team who make videos, take photos, do design and create animation, all geared towards helping your brand form connections with an audience that matters.

The team

A photograph of the creative team, superimposed onto a white background.

Our difference

In a space where content is key, we unlock exactly how to engage with your audience. We have robust content plans, and proven schedules. Our approach is joined-up and collaborative, weaving smart written content from our SEO team together with engaging videos to integrate imagery into a broader, comprehensive brand strategy, tailored for each platform. We know how to make content that’s remembered for the right reasons. And we make sure it translates into definitive outcomes, so we don’t just boost your business, we make you profitable as well. If only everything in life were so simple.

High quality video production can make an impact in the following ways:


Turning passive viewers into active participants in your brand’s narrative


Driving traffic from social media towards your website


Ensuring your brand is favoured by social media algorithms and widening your reach


Propelling a global reach, with videos and content being widely shared


Increasing brand awareness and educating users


Forging emotional connections that increase brand credibility


Humanising your brand and expressing your brand values and vision more clearly.

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