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Core Services

Paid Search

Our approach

Unify is a certified Google and Microsoft partner, and we know how to utilise search engines so you get human ingenuity, teamed with the deep machine learning that is an integral part of search engine platforms. We take the time to understand your business so we can effectively harness the data to leverage every aspect of the ad platform and consistently improve your return on advertising spend (ROAS). We engineer the performance pathway so that you can scale your business to where you want it to be.

The team

A photograph of the performance team, superimposed onto a white background.

Our difference

Our teams take a comprehensive 360-degree approach, interpreting data and anticipating trends and patterns across multiple markets. Unify has a suite of different departments working together to create the most compelling content, bidding on the right targeted keywords, advising you on how to curate and enhance existing webpages, and using our expertise to find the right balance between visibility, volume and performance. We love nothing more than digging deep into the data for the insight that will drive your growth exponentially. We harness the power of each platform’s machine learning algorithms to automate data collection and track all relevant metrics so that we can be reactive to market changes and adjust campaigns instantaneously for a more accurate ROI. This relentless tenacity converts into an advantage over our competitors that is unassailable.

A Paid Search strategy should:


Drive targeted, ready to convert traffic to your digital assets


Analyse what prospective audiences are searching for and tailor the approach accordingly


Streamline delivery to ensure the campaign is cost-effective and not a dollar is wasted


Produce instantaneous, immediate results


Convert clicks to customers through appropriate, effective ads and content


Interpret patterns across multiple industries and platforms and implement data to finetune offerings.

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