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Paid Social

Our approach

Paid social may be easy to do but it takes precision and expertise to do it right. As a performance marketing agency, Unify specialises in Paid Social campaigns that are not just engaging, but also drive a tangible return on your advertising spend. Brand awareness is just the beginning. We constantly develop new strategies and new creative messaging, then analyse behaviour to convert clicks and impressions directly into leads and saless. We don’t indulge in vanity metrics; we won’t count your likes, and please don’t ask us to ‘boost’ your posts. Instead, we provide regular, honest reporting to show you exactly the impact we’re having on your bottom line.

The team

A photograph of the strategy team, superimposed onto a white background.

Our difference

We work with social channels including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube (and Youtube Shorts). We test our strategies and campaigns exhaustively, because we believe we can always do better. We’re transparent about our processes, and believe in the importance of connecting clients directly with the team that is producing their work. This accessibility allows us to generate definite results for you. We follow the success of a concept from creation to implementation and adjust accordingly, if necessary. We don’t believe in siloing off or farming out our client work. We have in-house videographers, photographers, copywriters and creatives, all ready to maximise your message, package it up and deliver it in the most enticing way.

The implementation of a high-level Paid Social campaign can:


Increase brand awareness


Grow your audience and increase customer engagement


Develop relationshipsImprove customer service


Improve customer service


Increase clicks and drive interested, engaged users to your website


Generate sales by showcasing products to relevant, targeted customers


Provide information and insights about potential customer profiles, allowing you to hone content and products to reach your core audience


Effectively and efficiently remarket to people who have shown interest in your products and services in the past, but weren’t quite ready to convert.

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