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A photo of a group of people, standing in a line.


Our aim was to drive leads for this leading medical cannabis research and provider. Specifically, to accumulate respondents for participation in a clinical study investigating the impact of medicinal cannabis on patients suffering from a chronic condition.

Performance Marketing
A photo of a group of people, standing in a line.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to recruit participants for the study, utilising Facebook as our advertising platform, while still following Facebook’s strict advertising policies that prohibit the promotion of illegal, prescription and recreational drugs. We also needed to create short, meaningful advertisements that were able to convey complex topics such as particular medical conditions.

Additionally, we ran paid Google Search campaigns that complied with the platform’s policies on advertisements involving drugs. Our campaigns targeted those who were searching for cannabis products for medicinal use rather than recreational use.

The goal was 5000 patient enquiries.

A photo of a group of patients, in grayscale.

The Approach

We created advertisements that intentionally omitted the word ‘cannabis’. This was to comply with Facebook’s strict advertising policies.

Our Facebook campaign was optimised to track conversion without the use of a Facebook conversion pixel. This meant that we needed to optimise our campaigns manually—analyzing our Facebook and Google analytics data and adjusting our campaigns in response to our findings.


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