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An aerial photograph of Optus Stadium.

Sports Ticketing

This extremely well known sports team were looking to bolster membership acquisition and membership renewals, and came to us for help.

Performance Marketing
An aerial photograph of Optus Stadium.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the sport with rapidly changing fixtures, digital became the selected channel to be able to respond agilely to any situation.

The current team membership base was identified to have a high percentage of families, where engagement was key for their continued renewal of the membership. Activity could not clash with Cricket Australia Marketing.

A photo of Optus Stadium, with the Perth Scorchers playing.

The Approach

Search and Programmatic campaigns selected for their strong targeting capabilities on intent and audience. Campaigns were targeted specifically to the clients’ audience without intruding on Cricket Australia national campaigns.

Campaigns, were set up to quickly react and update messaging on the fly to accommodate game scheduling and changes. Real time measurement of membership purchases to optimise towards best performing audiences.


Membership sales across any Australian BBL Team


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