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Who we are

Meet the team

A group shot of the Unify team with 13 people in it. They are all acting silly.

Who are we?

People. Product. Profit, in that order. This is one of our five core values at Unify and will be for as long as our doors remain open. By prioritising our people and providing them a positive, and supportive work environment, we believe that the success of our clients sand the success of Unify, will naturally follow for the ride.

For this reason, we built our company vision around the people who helped build our agency

The Teams

A photograph of the Unify team, superimposed onto a white background.
A headshot of Polly A headshot of Polly
Polly Philips Copywriter
A headshot of Jazreel A headshot of Jazreel
Jazreel Lee Digital Marketing Specialist
A headshot of Wilson. A headshot of Wilson.
Wilson Choi Trading & Data Director
A headshot of Todd A headshot of Todd.
Todd Hewitt Head of SEO
A headshot of Josh A headshot of Josh
Josh Krueger Founder & Director
A headshot of Calum A headshot of Calum
Calum Cosgrove Digital Strategist
A headshot of Eva A headshot of Eva
Eva Maria Pichler Digital Marketing Specialist
A headshot of Ollie A headshot of Ollie
Oliver Notley Performance Director
A headshot of Andy
Andy Dalton Head of Experience & Acquisition
A headshot of Linh A headshot of Linh
Linh Tran Programmatic Trader
A headshot of Sonia A headshot of Sonia
Sonia Sweeny Senior Digital Strategist
A headshot of Mark A headshot of Mark
Mark Conway Senior Video Producer
A headshot of Qintha A headshot of Qintha
Qintha Yuansyah Social Media Coordinator
A headshot of Charlotte A headshot of Charlotte
Charlotte Ross SEO Specialist

Unite the most exceptional and empathetic minds in marketing

While it’s far from an industry secret that great people mean everything in this business, we are still often asked the question: but why empathetic?

Despite lacking the glamour of other industry buzzwords, empathy genuinely lies at the heart of our growth story. Empathy describes our way of being. It’s our ability to deeply understand, relate and connect with our clients in a meaningful way. Great marketing is about recognising and appreciating the emotions, needs and challenges faced by our clients, their customers and responding as if they were our own.

We’ve assembled a team of 17 exceptional digital marketing experts from across a wide spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds. Together we’re relentless in the pursuit of driving outcomes for our clients and never sit still. We’re always looking ahead, always learning and we see your brand as an extension of our own.

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