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Unify is a student-centric study platform which aims to empower users to want and have the ability to teach themselves. We want to listen to students and let you tell us what you need to experience an efficient and structured education, rather than telling you how to learn.

Unify is a communal experience, designed and constantly improved through open dialogue between the users and creators. You have the power to learn the way you know works best, we just want to make it easier.

Navigate your classes.

Students rely on their timetable to know where they need to be and when. Third party timetabling software that institutions use to display your schedule is usually clunky and slow, and rarely optimised for your mobile.

Store your notes.

Unify will not only store your required reading material, but also any content that the user wants to add to their study library as relevant to their broader study. You can upload and store additional reading material, and write and store notes, essays and anotations directly into your library.

Select features for you.

You're offered a huge amount of choice and content in your degree, and we think you know better than we do what would help you study better. That's why anyone can submit an idea for something they want added to Unify, and the next features to be built are chosen from the highest voted ones on the list.

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